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Motorcycles are valuable targets for thieves. Help protect yours with these 10 simple tips.

Did you know motorcycles are prone to theft?  In some areas, motorcycle owners have over 13% chance of having their bike stolen! While your location and the style of bike you have will affect the likelihood of a theft, following these 10 easy steps can help reduce your bike from being a target.

  1. When you leave your bike, turn off the ignition and then lock it. Never leave your keys with your bike.
  2. Install an alarm system
  3. Never store the title to your bike in the compartments or saddlebags. It is best to leave it secured at home.
  4. Park in well-lit area, in front of security cameras, and/or close to your room when traveling
  5. If you are riding in a group, lock multiple bikes together to make them more cumbersome to haul off.
  6. If you are riding alone, you can lock your bike to a light pole, or other stationary object.
  7. Check on your bike periodically when making stops, such as at restaurants, especially shortly after you’ve parked.
  8. Purchase brightly colored disk brakes. The bright colors will point out to potential thieves that your bike is more effort than it’s worth before they even select you as a target.
  9. Customize your bike with a unique symbol or marking and document it with photographs. This makes your bike more recognizable if it is stolen and will assist the police in identifying your bike – increasing the chances you will get it back and decreasing the chances it would be targeted to begin with.
  10. If you are trying to sell your bike, verify the prospective buyer’s personal information and check their identification (license) before letting them take a test drive. Never turn over the title to your bike before their payment has cleared.

Of course – having the proper insurance on your motorcycle is also very important whether your bike is stolen or in an accident.  Concklin Insurance Agency offers great coverage for motorcycles to give you peace of mind when you hit the open road.

Looking for more information on motorcycle loss prevention and safety tips?  Reach out to one of our agents.