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How safety aware are you?

June is safety awareness month! Follow these tips to raise awareness of risks in your home, business and surrounding areas.

  • Ask what if. By asking yourself “What if” and considering the consequences of our actions we can reduce many common risks.
    • What if I leave this box on the floor? Someone could trip over it.
  • Stay Clutter Free. Clutter can lead to a number of safety risks. From tripping hazards, to tipping over or blocking fire exits, clutter can be a real danger. Eliminate unnecessary items from your workspace and store needed items safely.
  • Take action when risks have been identified. Noticing something is wrong and deciding to ignore it or deal with it at a later time could put you or others in harm’s way.
    • I noticed the light in the basement burnt out, but it’s not my job to replace it - or I’ll get around to fixing it next week.

This approach could leave colleges or family members in the dark, increasing the change of trips, falls or other accidents.  Even if it is not something you can fix, always report observed risks to someone who can take action to correct the situation or put up notices of the danger.

  • Be proactive. Develop a safety checklist to be reviewed each month and inspect your home, office, and/or business. Items could include:
    • No boxes, files, cords or other tripping hazards in walkways
    • All carpets are secure, no wrinkles or lifted edges. Throw rugs and other mats have no-slip padding underneath.
    • If you have machinery, inspect safety functions such as guards, and kill switches
    • Ensure all motor vehicles have had their recommended maintenance
  • Develop a reporting system for employees to report safety concerns.

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