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Ideas for small business during the corona virus crisis.

Social distancing is a great way to help slow the spread of the corona virus.  Unfortunately, it can have a great impact on local businesses also as people choose to self-quarantine rather than going out to shop, eat, and socialize.

Here are some ways you can help entice customers to your small business:

  1. Offer discounts. While people worry about the spread of the virus, they still love a great deal.  Offering discounts for online shoppers, delivery or take-out is a great way to attract customers to your business.
  2. Contact your city or chamber of commerce.  Getting the word out that your business is open is important.  Many cities are helping to spread the word on which local businesses are open, and what options patrons have when shopping there.
  3. Ask your city to help.  Patrons may be interested in ordering from your business but concerned about having to go inside to pick up their order.  Ask your city to allow curbside pick-up if they don’t already.  If there is on-street parking in front of your location, ask the city for permission to designate a couple of spots for this purpose.
  4. Work with other small businesses in your area.  Some small businesses are banding together to help each other out.  In one area locations have agreed to offer patrons a discount if they can show a receipt of purchase from another local business.  Others are allowing on-site advertising for other businesses in the area that are open. If nothing else, share your ideas and brainstorm solutions.
  5. If you don’t already, consider offering delivery.  With options like Uber Eats, Door Dash, Grubhub and more, it is easier than ever to include delivery as an option. And not just for restaurants; options like Shipt are being used by retailers. 

The corona virus has put many of us in new and challenging situations.  Finding solutions, overcoming obstacles, this is the bedrock of innovation. 

Whatever adjustments you decide to make -just make sure you let your insurance agent know of any changes that may impact your policies.

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