5 Insurance Resolutions: Protecting Your Possessions, Health, and Peace of Mind

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Every year millions of people make resolutions at the beginning of the year of ways they are going to improve their lives. Commonly these revolve around diet, exercise, business and lifestyle. While we are big supporters of all positive change, adding a few Insurance Resolutions to the list is a smart choice. Here are 5 Insurance Resolutions to observe in 2020.

  1. Update your home inventory. Having a home inventory is vital in the event of a claim involving your processions, including fire, flood, and burglary. In order to make a claim that something was damaged or stolen the insurance adjuster will want to see records of what was in the home prior to the covered loss. Having pictures of the various rooms in your home valuable items can make a claim go a lot smoother.
  2. Get a quote for a Life Insurance policy. The number one reason people state for not having a life policy is cost – however, you might be shocked at just how affordable a life policy really is. It’s worth checking out.
  3. Get on a maintenance schedule for your furnace, water tank and Air Conditioner. Most HVAC and plumbing companies will set up reminders to alert you to when your systems need a checkup.
  4. Inspect your foundation. Buildings continue to settle long after they are built, and cracks can form in a foundation. Finding and addressing an issue early can make a huge difference in cost and headache.
  5. Have your policies reviewed by an Independent Insurance Agent. As experts in the field of insurance, an independent agent can review your policies for gaps, get competitive alternatives, and identify areas they may require more or less coverage.

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