Concklin Insurance Agency Named 2023 Agency of the Year Award Winner

NU Agency of the Year Award

Lombard, Illinois – November 2, 2023 – Concklin Insurance Agency is delighted to announce that they have been named one of the winners of the prestigious 2023 Agency of the Year Award by NU Property & Casualty magazine, Claims magazine and PropertyCasualty360.com. This award is a testament to Concklin's unwavering commitment to excellence and their innovative approach to the insurance industry.

The 2023 Agency of the Year Award recognizes insurance agencies that have successfully distinguished themselves from the competition by focusing on specific niches, honing their expertise, and breaking new ground in the industry. Concklin Insurance Agency was recognized for its exceptional work in catering to the unique insurance needs of the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry.

The quick service restaurant industry presents distinctive auto insurance requirements, risk management challenges, and safety concerns. Concklin Insurance Agency, under the leadership of Agency Owner Craig Concklin, has become a trailblazer in providing tailored insurance solutions for QSR businesses.

Craig Concklin expressed the agency's commitment to addressing the specific risks and challenges faced by QSR operators. "We recognized the need for customized insurance programs that catered to the unique requirements of QSRs. By developing specialized coverage options, we could offer our clients a more tailored and comprehensive insurance experience," he explained.

Concklin Insurance Agency's approach has focused on streamlining insurance processes, creating programs to meet the diverse needs of QSR operators, and enhancing efficiency while reducing costs for their clients.

One of the primary challenges within the QSR industry is securing "hired and non-owned" auto insurance, especially considering the high turnover rate for drivers and vehicles in food delivery operations. Concklin Insurance Agency emphasizes robust risk management practices within their client's operations, offering ongoing monitoring of drivers' insurance status and motor vehicle records as value-added services. They work closely with clients to ensure that delivery vehicles are regularly inspected for safety, and drivers are well-trained in safe driving practices, reducing the likelihood of accidents and insurance claims.

Their commitment to providing tailored insurance solutions extends beyond auto coverage, encompassing general liability, workers' compensation, and property insurance tailored to the needs of QSR businesses.

Furthermore, Concklin Insurance Agency places great importance on matching clients with the right carriers that best fit their business while considering the carrier's target markets and short- and long-term goals. Their personalized approach has fostered long-term relationships and positioned them as recognized experts in the field.

Craig Concklin emphasized, "Trust is a cornerstone of our relationships with carriers. We've demonstrated our dedication to risk management, safety, and thorough due diligence. This commitment reassures carriers that we're focused on mitigating risks and ensuring the long-term sustainability of insurance programs."

Craig Concklin noted, "Our commitment to excellence in this specialized niche has positioned us as recognized experts. We actively collaborate with underwriters and actuaries to help them gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of this unique class of business within the restaurant sector. By sharing our expertise, insights, and in-depth knowledge, we act as industry liaisons, effectively bridging the gap in industry knowledge."

"We are honored to receive the 2023 Agency of the Year Award. This achievement reflects our commitment to providing top-notch insurance services to QSR operators and our dedication to innovative, client-focused solutions," said Craig Concklin.

The Concklin Insurance Agency team are enthusiastic about expanding the company’s programs to encompass a broader spectrum of franchise-owned QSRs.