The Vital Role of Cyber Liability Insurance for Restaurants

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Cyber liability insurance is more crucial for restaurants than you might realize. The importance stems from the fact that restaurants are prime targets for cyber-attacks due to the sensitive customer and employee data they store, including names, addresses, and credit card information.

One of the primary reasons restaurants are targeted is because they typically utilize third-party point-of-sale (POS) systems to process credit card transactions. However, contrary to popular belief, the responsibility for data breaches and cyber incidents doesn't solely lie with the payment processing company. In the event of a cyber incident, such as a data breach, it is often the restaurant's responsibility to notify potentially affected customers.

Each state has its own regulations dictating the timeframe and method for notifying customers in the event of a data breach. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines and penalties. Without cyber liability insurance, the financial burden of notifying customers can be significant, with an average cost of $148 per record.

Moreover, restaurants are susceptible to phishing attacks, where fraudulent sources attempt to deceive employees into transferring funds or disclosing sensitive information. Often these attacks come from emails pretending to be the restaurants Accounting Firm or Direct Bill Vendor.

Additionally, cyber incidents can lead to business interruptions, impacting a restaurant's ability to operate smoothly. For instance, if a vendor's systems are hacked in a cyber ransom attack, preventing the restaurant from ordering essential ingredients, it can result in a significant loss of sales and revenue for the restaurant. Including Dependent Business Interruption coverage in a cyber liability insurance policy can mitigate such losses by providing financial protection for interruptions caused by third-party vendors.

Cyber liability insurance is essential for restaurants to mitigate the financial and reputational risks associated with cyber threats. It provides coverage for notification expenses, phishing attacks, and business interruptions, safeguarding the restaurant's operations and reputation in the event of a cyber incident.

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