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Understanding the Importance of Drive Other Car Coverage

As a business owner, you understand the importance of protecting your assets. From property insurance to liability coverage, ensuring comprehensive insurance policies is paramount in safeguarding your business against unforeseen circumstances. However, there's one aspect of insurance coverage that might not always be top-of-mind but is equally crucial – Drive Other Car (DOC) coverage.

Drive Other Car coverage, often referred to as a Drive Other Car endorsement, is a critical component of a comprehensive insurance program for businesses, particularly for executives and key personnel.

What is Drive Other Car Coverage?

Drive Other Car coverage is an endorsement added to a commercial auto insurance policy. It functions similarly to personal auto insurance, providing non-owned auto coverage under a commercial auto policy. This coverage is typically utilized when an executive or another designated individual does not have personal auto insurance because they are provided with a company vehicle.

The purpose of Drive Other Car coverage is to extend protection to individuals named in the endorsement (including their spouses) when they are driving a company owned vehicle for personal use. It steps in to cover gaps that may exist when individuals are using vehicles not owned by them or their households, and that are not covered by a personal auto policy.

How is this different from other auto policies my company has?

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Covers vehicles owned by the company being driven by insured or their employees for business purposes.
  • Hired Automobile Insurance: Covers vehicles that are leased, rented, hired or borrowed by the insured or their employees for business purposes.
  • Non-owned Auto Insurance: Covers employers when an employee uses their own personal vehicle for business purposes.

Drive Other Car coverage specifically covers company owned vehicles that are being driven by the named insured, or their spouse, for personal purposes.

Drive Other Car coverage is a vital component of a comprehensive insurance program for businesses that supply vehicles to executives and key personnel. By extending protection to individuals driving company-owned vehicles for personal use, it fills gaps that exists in commercial auto policies and ensures that your business assets are adequately safeguarded. Be sure to consult with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of Drive Other Car coverage and how it can benefit your business.