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What are Vehicle Telematics?

Many auto insurance providers offer vehicle telematics that offer you feedback on your driving habits, and many offer discounts based on the data collected.  This is often achieved with a small device you keep in the vehicle, or even an app on your mobile phone.  Using this vehicle telematics, data is collected and reviewed regarding:

  • Your rate of braking and acceleration

  • The amount of time you spend driving

  • Your normal travel distance and speed

  • And several additional factors that help evaluate risk

In exchange for this information, many insurance carriers offer rate discounts based on your good driving habits.  Concklin Insurance partners with several carriers who offer a wide variety of benefits for installing and using vehicle telematics.  

How do Vehicle Telematics benefit you?

The most obvious benefit to customers using vehicle telematics is discounted insurance rates.  Insurance carriers see a reduced financial risk when their customers drive safely.  With vehicle telematics, carriers receive objective data regarding customer driving habits and are able to pass some of the savings back to customers.

Another benefit of vehicle telematics is the objective feedback drivers receive regarding their driving.  Having your driving monitored can impact choices made on the road, which can result in few risks taken on the roads and fewer accidents.

For parents, vehicle telematics are a great way for you to coach younger drivers to develop safe driving habits, and in some cases, these devices can provide feedback that can increase your fuel economy.

Are vehicle telematics mandatory?

Many drivers question whether they should install vehicle telematics apps on their mobile phone, which is an increasingly popular way insurance carriers to institute these programs.  At this point, while not mandatory, vehicle telematics are helping consumers save money on their insurance through the variety of discounts being offered.

The Concklin Insurance agency works with each client to find the best coverage for their situation.  We believe in providing the right coverage for drivers of all ages, at affordable rates with reputable insurance providers.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you as well.  Get started by completing the brief contact form on this page, or simply give us a call at (630) 268-1600.